An Unsafe Space Makes a splash


On the Shaun Proulx Show


Find out why Shaun Proulx calls the play, “Brilliantly written, clever, laugh-your-ass-off-funny, and my fave play of the year”, and why you must go see it before it closes this Sunday 20 January, 2019.

Proulx was so impressed after seeing the play last week, that he invited writer and director, Richard Klagsbrun, along with co-stars, Precious Chong and Craig Lauzon, to join him for a lively #ThoughtRevolution chinwag earlier this week on the Shaun Proulx Show, SiriusXM Canada Talks 167.

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An Unsafe Space takes your bias and stuffs it -Art, Life and Stilettos on AN UNSAFE SPACE

What happens when a push for social justice, and comedic one-liners tips the scales so far that liberalism becomes equated with conformity and close-mindedness? Have the snowflakes or the capitalists taken over? Is it even possible for an attitude of inclusion, protection and service to become oppressive and regimented? When pushed to the extreme some would argue that this is the case, and the well-developed script for “An Unsafe Space” written by Richard Klagsbrun explores exactly these questions and more. 

When I read the catchphrase used in the play’s marketing materials, I got a specific impression of what to expect when I attended the performance of “An Unsafe Space” at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. Called, “a play about racism, romance, jealousy, identity politics and censorship…or just another day at the university,” I expected a somewhat preachy narrative and thinly veiled expectations of how one should think in 2018. Not to say that I wasn’t extremely intrigued and interested in the subject matter, but I kind of expected an echochamber filled night at the theatre. What I didn’t expect was to have every belief, understanding and default thought-pattern challenged in such a funny and in-your-face way. 



Drew Rowsome - An Unsafe Space: when triggers are comedy

...Well-meaning liberals are an easy if dangerous target. Klagsburn jumps on triggers and deliberately provokes with gleeful abandon. Politics and hot button topics are debated in considerable depth, but it is all contained in an effervescent frothy farce, satire that bites. An Unsafe Space could not be more timely - especially when presented on the fringes of U of T's campus - as debates about free speech, race, colonialism, LGBTQ rights and the coddling of students, are part of our daily conversations. If only those conversations were as hilarious...


Richard Klagsbrun’s AN UNSAFE SPACE now on at Tranzac Club in Toronto


Richard Klagsbrun, well-known local political strategist, Hollywood filmmaker, opinion blogger, TV commentator, and now playwright of AN UNSAFE SPACE, visited The New Classical FM studio to chat with Mike and Jean.

The world premiere of AN UNSAFE SPACE took place on on January 10th, and the play runs until this Sunday, January 20. This new play offers a provocative discussion of free speech and political correctness in dangerous times. Richard chatted about his writing process, the audience reaction so far, and to be prepared for some spicy topics and language.

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Campus insanity no match for ‘An Unsafe Space’


"Theater is normally a great escape from life’s absurdities. That is, unless a show is crafted around those very things.

An Unsafe Space premiered in Toronto this week..." 

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An Unsafe Space: "It's got a great cast!" - J. Kelly Nestruck (Theatre Critic, The Globe and Mail)

An Unsafe Space announces its After Talks

The producers of An Unsafe Space are pleased to announce that following each performance of the play, there will be an After Talk. 

Check out the AFTER TALKS section on the website to see who the current speakers will be as the list grows.


The promotional party for An Unsafe Space during TIFF at the Hocus Pocus Lounge