Paul Koidis

Associate Producer - Paul Koidis

In addition to entertainment, Paul is an academic and education executive, having served as Associate Dean at both Durham College and Georgian College and advises on several national and international projects.

Paul launched Global Citizen in Canada, and has presented Adam Cohen, son of Leonard Cohen, Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra, Liona Boyd, TIFF’s Piers Handling, Bob Lefsetz, John Tory, PAVLO, and David Carson, the world’s most googled graphic designer, among others. 

Paul has produced the Future Music Summit, The Conspiracy Show Summit, The PURE Philanthropy Summit, and is bringing new and classic music artists to the masses via Taste of the Danforth and other concert venues in Canada. 

Paul is involved with many creative and cultural initiatives and was involved with Explore Design, Hot Docs Documentary Festival, Reel Asian Film Festival and others. Paul was also a member of HOMAD, the Heads of Media, Art and Design, Ontario.

Paul is currently involved in film, television, and political projects in Canada and the United States.